Working Papers

1. Outside Options, Bargaining and Wages: Evidence from Coworker Networks (with Nikolaj Harmon).

Updated January 2019

2. Outside Options in the Labor Market (with Oren Danieli)

Updated November 2018

3. Experimental Evidence on Male and Female Labor Supply (with Emily Oehlsen)

Updated July 2020

4. Tax Refund Uncertainty: Evidence and Welfare Implications (with Scott Nelson and Daniel Waldinger)

Updated August 2020

Work in Progress

"Monopsony Makes it Big: Firm Wage Setting in Modern Labor Markets" with Arindrajit Dube and Suresh Naidu (in preparation for the Journal of Economic Literature)

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Uber vs. Taxi: A Driver's Eye View (with Joshua Angrist and Jonathan Hall) [VoxEU column]

Forthcoming, AEJ: Applied Economics

Book Chapters

"Wage and employment implications of U.S. labor market monopsony and possible policy solutions" with Suresh Naidu Equitable Growth Vision 2020 [link]