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Outside Options, Bargaining and Wages: Evidence from Coworker Networks (with Nikolaj Harmon)

Updated 2019

Winner, 2019 Upjohn Institute Dissertation Award [Dissertation Summary]

Gender Differences in Labor Supply: Experimental Evidence from the Gig Economy (with Emily Oehlsen)

Updated May 2021 [full draft to be posted soon, replaces "Monopsony and the Gender Wage Gap: Experimental Evidence from the Gig Economy"]

Outside Options in the Labor Market (with Oren Danieli)

Updated January 2021

Revise and Resubmit, Review of Economic Studies

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Tax Refund Uncertainty: Evidence and Welfare Implications (with Scott Nelson and Daniel Waldinger)

Updated January 2021

Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

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Selected Work in Progress

"Monopsony Makes it Big: Firm Wage Setting in Modern Labor Markets" with Arindrajit Dube and Suresh Naidu (in preparation for the Journal of Economic Literature)

Published and Accepted Work

Uber vs. Taxi: A Driver's Eye View (with Joshua Angrist and Jonathan Hall)

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. 13(3), 2021.

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Panel on "Market Power in the Labor Market" (prepared for NBER Wage Dynamics in the 21st Century Conference) [Slides]